Unique Pani Puri Places in Bangalore

Unique Pani Puri Places in Bangalore

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For any foodie , pani puri aka golgappa aka puchka and the various other names this delightful thing is known as has become synonymous with ‘Street Food’.

Here is my attempt to discover ‘the pani puri with a twist’ in my beloved city – the ones featured here are purely on the basis on their ‘hatke’ nature – price and taste take a secondary stand.

1) Coconut Water Pani Puri

At Thengu Mane in Rajajinagar, they serve Pani puris with pani made out of coconut water – brilliant idea!!

Taste: Made out of coconut water – the pani does lack the ‘punch’ of a traditional one.

(PS: When you visit this place – don’t miss their coconut milk-based fruit shakes , they are absolutely yumm)

Google Maps Location: Thengu Mane Rajajinagar, Bangalore

Coconut water-based pani puri at Thengu Mane Rajajinagar Bangalore Coconut Water-based Pani Puri

2) Golgappa with Vodka

Easily the most expensive golgappas I have…

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