Brand Equity

Brand equity is the added value endowed on products and services. It may be reflected in the way consumers think, feel, and act with respect to the brand, as well as in the prices, market share, and profitability the brand commands for the firm.
Most Exciting Brands 2015: Here’s where the youth is spending their money ::
For instance, buying books and buying music is almost going out of fashion. 39 per cent never buy books and 27 per cent are buying either once in 6 months or even less than that. Buying of music is even sharper in its rejection by the youth. A whopping 71 per cent have never bought music. Movie going is still big business and the incidence is a high 43 per cent for once a month and an even higher 68 per cent for once ..


Most Exciting Brands 2015: WhatsApp & Facebook rule the roost ::
Her eyes shut still, she grapples around for the phone every morning. Then swipes to turn off the alarm and swipes some more to fire up apps — WhatsApp and Facebook, followed by Twitter and Instagram, in no particular order. They’re also the last things she sees before REM sleep. She is most millennials and Gen-Z, whose oldest members are barely 18. (If you do none of those things, then you are probably made of sterner stuff or are from another century or don’t own a smartphone. Take your pick.)


Royal Enfield customers have a different take on life, says CEO Siddhartha Lal
The ET::
Shaggy hair, a full beard to go with it, a simple shirt paired with jeans, Siddhartha Lal looks the part of a CEO heading a famous brand of motorcycles (Royal Enfield) who still is a rider at heart. A passion for bikes helped him turn around a brand which was languishing a decade ago.


The ET::How e-commerce is sending ad agencies back to school 

We are the new members of India E-comm Inc. Some people loosely bracket us as ‘startups’ till they hear about the amount of money we’ve raised. To give you an idea, venture capitalists of all kinds invested $ 5 billion in Indian startups last year. We’ve already clocked $ 1.7 billion (that’s over Rs 10 Arab) in the first quarter of 2015. Now, for the numbers that concern you — we intend to spend over Rs 3,500 crore on advertising this year. With major spenders tightening their purse strings acro .. 

Dev Amritesh says burger was the game-changer in India
Dunkin’ Donuts relegates its flagship product to second lead, relying instead on burgers to drive growth. Smaller rival Mad Over Donuts, though, has few doubts about who’s the hero.


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