Indian Culture

Indian Culture::

Below are a series of lectures by Shatavadhani R. Ganesh on the foundations of Indian culture



Dr S.Srikanta Sastri::

Dr S.Srikanta Sastri, M.A, D.Litt, (1904-1974).  

A renowned historian and a polyglot, Dr S.Srikanta Sastri contributed profoundly to the world of historical study and research. Fluent in over 14 languages from ancient Greek, Latin, Hittite, Pali, Sanskrit to modern ones like German, French and Russian-he was at home researching and writing in several languages at once. From his attempts at deciphering the Indus script to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphics, he had the unique ability to correlate and interpret sources in their perspective. The vast number of articles and books that he churned out bear testament to his intellect. Not surprising, that many of them find catalogue at distinguished libraries around the world from the Bodleian at Oxford to Library of Congress at Washington D.C.  Nearly four decades after his passing, his works continue to serve as rich resource material to scholars around the world. We hope you have a fruitful time reading through the wealth of material about him and from his writings that we have listed here for your perusal.  

Harappa Town Planning by Dr S.Srikanta Sastri (


‘Capitulation of Chitradurga’ (1928) by Dr S. Srikanta Sastri


Development of Sanskrit Literature under Vijayanagara Empire by Dr S. Srikanta S


Early Gangas of Talakad (1952) by Dr S.Srikanta Sastri ( (

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