K Vishwanath

Dr. Kasinathuni Viswanath (born 19 February 1930) is an Indian film, sound designer turned director and actor known for his works in Telugu Cinema and Hindi Cinema. He is the recipient of five National Film Awards, five Nandi Awards, ten Filmfare Awards, and a Bollywood Filmfare Award.[1] Viswanath’s Hindi films include Sargam, Kaamchor, Sanjog, Jaag Utha Insan, Eeshwar, Sur Sangam, Shubh Kaamna, Sangeet and Dhanwaan.[2] Viswanath has received international recognition for his works, and is known for blending parallel cinema elements with mainstream commercial cinema.[3] [4]

Viswanath’s classical films Sankarabharanam (1979) and Sagara Sangamam (1983) were included among CNN-IBN‘s list of hundred greatest Indian films of all time.[5] His directorial works Sankarabharanam and Saptapadi, have garnered the National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment and Best Feature Film on National Integration, respectively.Sankarabharanam, was premiered at the 8th International Film Festival of India,[6][7] the Tashkent Film Festival, and the Moscow International Film Festival held in May 1980,[8] and has also won the Prize of the Public at the Besancon Film Festival of France in the year 1981.[9]

Viswanath’s Swati Mutyam was India’s official entry to the 59th Academy Awards. Swati Mutyam, Sagara Sangamam and Sirivennelawere premiered at the Asia Pacific Film Festival.[10] Swayam Krushi was premiered to special mention at the Moscow International Film Festival.[11] Sankarabharanam, Sagara Sangamam, Shrutilayalu, Swarnakamalam and Swati Kiranam were premiered in the Indian Panorama section at International Film Festival of India,[12][13][14] and AISFM Film Festival.

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