How to Manage Your Diet?


‘Relevance of Yoga in Modern Life’ – Talk by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


The DNA of Success::

A person with enthusiasm is a powerful person. There is nothing as powerful as enthusiasm. nothing is impossible (‘durlabhah’ literally means unachievable) to an enthusiastic person.


The Vivekachudamani (Sanskrit: विवेकचूडामणि) is a famous Sanskrit poem ascribed to Adi Shankara in the eighth century. It expounds the Advaita Vedanta philosophy  and is in the form of 580 verses in the Shardula Vikridita metre.





The rivers don’t drink their own water. The trees don’t eat their own fruits. The clouds don’t eat the crops to which they give the water. The wealth of the good people (‘sajjan’) is really only for helping the others. (They themselves don’t consume what they produce!)

One should always remember the favours (done by others) and forget the mean deeds. Do the good things at once, however postpone the unpleasant things.


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