T.P. Kailasam

T.P. Kailasam, the Kannada playwright was known for his unusual sense of humour. July 29 is the 119th birth anniversary of this great writer who revolutionised Kannada theatre. Born a Tamilian and educated in Great Britain, Kailasam on his return to India turned towards Kannada completely. The manner in which he critiqued the society, couched in his special humour, left an everlasting impression on the Kannadigas.

Kailasam felt that company theatre was too obsessed with mythology and consciously kept away from such themes making his plays realistic. This writer, who chaired the Kannada Sahitya Sammelana held at Madras (now Chennai) in 1945, made one of the shortest and most effective speeches ever.

Though his writings came under severe criticism initially, they became extremely popular and came to be accepted as some of the best works ever written for the Kannada theatre in its history. His plays are relevant even to this day and have a huge following among the connoisseurs of Kannada theatre.

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